How to use MEX. Admin Portal to manage MEX.Access

Admin Portal Overview 


MEX Admin Portal gives you a quick and easy way to generate and manage Unique Access Codes aka Tokens for MEX.Access functionality, for your employees. 


How to Generate & Assign Unique Access Codes (UAC or Tokens):


  1. Login to your account using the credential received in your email. Here is the link of Admin Portal


  2. Select Manage Access from the sidebar


  3. In the generate tab, enter the number of Access tokens to be generated and click on Generate & Download


  4. You will see a success message and a CSV file will download. The newly generated codes can also be viewed in the manage tab. The file contains the following columns

    • Token No: Unique string of 16 digit alphanumeric characters

    • Card Number

    • Company

    • Status: PENDING (default)

    • Registered Device


  5. ​There are 2 ways to assign and distribute the tokens to your employees:

    • Open the CSV and map the tokens manually. Use mail merge or similar tools to send access codes

    • Download the utility to assign and send mail automatically. Click here for instructions. This is a 3rd party utility please check with your IT team before installing

      If you still have queries? Feel free to contact us and we will help you with mapping and distributing the tokens.

  6.  Track the number of tokens and their status. Token status values and meaning

PENDING - Token not allocated or authenticated by the user

ISSUED - Token authenticated and in use

REVOKED - Token invalidated and cannot be used





How to Manage and Revoke Access


  1. Click on Manage tab on the left side menu bar


  2. Search using the fields Token No and Status. Download the search results by clicking on the export button


  3. To revoke access, search by Token No and then click on Revoke. On revoking access the member token would be invalidated and cannot use MEX. app for access


Reasons to revoke:

  1. Employee not part of the company anymore

  2. Employee requests for new token due to app uninstall or using a new mobile device


How to change the password for Admin Portal

  1. Please logout from the Portal

  2. Click on Forgot Password on Login screen

  3. Enter the registered email id and click Reset Password

  4. Open the email and click on the password reset link

  5. Enter a new password and submit

  6. Login to the portal again using the new password


How to use Token Distribution Utility


  1. PC with Windows operating system

  2. Java 8 should be installed in that system

How to use:

  1. Download the Utility from the portal

  2. Unzip the zip file where you can find 4 files

  3. Create a CSV file containing access passes with the format specified in the sample access_passes.csv file.

  4. Create another CSV file containing user details as per the format specified in the sample user_emails.csv file.

  5. Open the util.exe application

  6. Enter your SMTP details(you can use Gmail SMTP details) host, port(387), email, password

  7. Upload access passes, user email files created above in the Util.exe application.

  8. Click on Submit


Contact for Access related issues:

Anoop Dhanvijay

M: 9873755759

Email: or